About Us

Key Management Team of G-Bio Initiative Inc. Japan


Toshiharu Takahashi
Chairman of the Board
Representative Director
・Graduated from the University of Tokyo,
 Engineering Dept.
・Nissan Motor. Co., Ltd.
 Executive General Mgr. Quality Assurance Dept.
・Autech Japan Inc.
 Executive Corporate Officer and
 General Manager of Development Dept.
・Executive Auditor Autech Japan Inc.
Noriyuki Yaginuma
President & CEO
Representative Director
・Director of Renace-Kwukan Corp.
・President of Nippon Premium Co., Ltd.
・Owner of Type II Financial Instruments Business
 No, 2678
Yojiro Kitamura
Chief Financial Officer,
・CEO of G-Bio Energy Sdn Bhd
・Visiting Fellow of Environmental and Energy Dept.
 University of Tsukuba, Japan

・Partner in Charge, McMillan Woods Japan
Shigekazu Ishizaka
Chief Information &
Technology Officer,
・Graduated from Keio University, Engineering Dept.
・Kanto Auto Works,Ltd.(~2009)
 (current: Toyota Motor East Japan,Inc.)

 The Second Class Electric Chief Engineer
 (in charge of Yokosuka-Factory)
 General Manager of General Affairs Division
 General Manager of Quality Control Division etc. 
・Kanto Kosan Co.,Ltd.(~2014)
 (current: EJ Service Co.,Ltd.)
 Executive Managing Director
 General Manager of Housing Business Division
 (in charge of Toyota Housing Corporation) etc.
Takuya Yaginuma
・Kasumigaseki Capital Co.,Ltd. (~2019)
Kazuo Ishikawa
・Graduated from the University of Tokyo, 
 Engineering Dept.
・Ministry of International Trade and Industry
 (current: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/
・Cabinet Office, Regulatory Reform Council Expert  

・Representative of Institute for Industrial Growth and
 Social Security Policy (IIGSSP/2011)

・President of Social Security System,
 Finance & Energy(2013)
Shigeo Tokoro
・Graduated from the University of Tokyo, 
 Engineering Dept. 

Mitsubishi Corporation, Automotive Division
 Executive Manager of Unit No. 4 and
 Executive General Manager of Sheared Service Dept.
・Mitsubishi Auto Lease Ltd. (~2012)
 Executive Director and Managing Officer