Product & Services

Project Development (PD)

GBI will make the master plan of G-Bio IPP and its feasibility study (F.S.) based on real estate conditions, legal services to obtain necessary permits and licenses for IPP businesses and secure real estate for G-Bio IPP's. GBI will also establish Special Purpose Companies (SPC) to manage IPP's and provide total SPC management services for investors of the SPC's.

Project Management (PM)

GBI will manage major Japanese Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies for G-Bio IPP construction and inspect EPCs. GBI will also provide schedule, quality and budget control of G-Bio projects. GBI will optimize profits of IPP's and provide total supply chain risk management.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

GBI will provide total commercial operation and maintenance services for IPP's owned by SPC's and their investors. GBI will also provide operation and maintenance services for G-Bio IPPs.

Our business lineup

Electricity, Heat, Energy field

– Planning, design, construction and operation of power plants
– Consultation services
– Trading in building materials and equipment for power plants
– Procurement, production, sales and storage of vegetable oil
– Construction work for electricity and communication equipment, piping
– Retailing of electric power
– Produce, supply and sale of energy
– R&D

ICT field

– Planning, development, operation, management and maintenance of computers

Environment field

– Environment impact assessments
– Investigate, develop and consultation related to the environment

Real estate field

– Design of buildings, electric equipment and machines
– Construction and development
– Manage, lease, trade, mediate, possess and operate real estate

Finance, Securities, Insurance field

– Securitization of SPC for electric and fuel related businesses
– M&A and consulting
– Insurance agent

Human Resources field

– Human resource development
– Education and job training
– Worker and engineer dispatching